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CR of Maryland, Real Estate Investing, Timonium, MD

CR Gives Back2018-08-22T13:28:31-05:00


Community involvement not only fulfills us as leaders and citizens, it promotes higher employee morale and leadership opportunities for everyone in the organization.  

The CR of Maryland team are all Maryland born and raised and for that reason we have a special affinity for our community. We believe that giving back strengthens our communities, brings people together and provides us with valuable experience and insight. We recognize that we have been blessed to be a part of the Baltimore community and as we grow in size – in terms of employees and company results, we have more to share with our community. Below are a few of the ways our team works to give back to Maryland.


As one of our primary business foundations, we intentionally have elected to participate in providing quality and affordable housing. Over 125 of our tenant families rely on some type of housing assistance. They are benefited by partnering with us for their housing in a number of ways. First, because we fully renovate all rental homes when we acquire them so the homes are beautiful and in excellent condition. Secondly, we use the most current technology to professionally manage each home which allows our clients have access to us via that technology 24 hours a day. We quickly respond to housing repairs and other concerns as we are notified. Our approach is unlike many landlords and our clients report feeling respected & cared for like never before. Thirdly, many of our rental properties are condensed in several neighborhoods. For this reason, we participate in the schools that serve those neighborhoods by stocking food pantries and hosting mitten/hat drives, etc. We also participate in the Homeowner’s Associations where our rental properties are located because we care about the communities where our tenants live and want to use our leadership, knowledge and professionalism to solve problems where needed.


Instilling the confidence to challenge, inquire, and take action.

CR of Maryland is proud to be sponsoring a “MakerSpace” in a Baltimore school in one of the neighborhoods where we have a lot of tenants. Our team is rebuilding the MakerSpace and furnishing it with needed equipment and technology. The “maker movement,” is a technological and creative thinking and learning revolution underway around the world. The space at Friends School in Baltimore offers dedicated spaces in all three academic divisions, where students of all ages can roll up their sleeves and design creative solutions. MakerSpaces are defined by their interchangeability and functionality, rather than a specific discipline: each space is intentionally designed to serve as a wood shop, garage, science lab, and art studio — or all rolled into one. MakerSpaces allow students to design, create, prototype, and test. MakerSpaces foster a creative response and extension of what takes place in the traditional classroom. The MakerSpace Program is one of the many ways to prepare students for the future — by instilling the confidence to challenge, inquire, and take action.


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