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CR of Maryland, Real Estate Investing, Timonium, MD

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We have a constant inventory of 20 to 30 homes under renovation – our buyers get early access to our list of upcoming homes.

As the largest home renovation company in the metropolitan Baltimore area, CR of Maryland has a regular supply of beautiful homes in some of the most desirable areas. Sellers call us daily to sell their homes to us because we aggressively market to get the best homes for our renovation team. As a result, our buyers get the first opportunity to see some of the hottest properties available before they hit the market! Our buyers often have the opportunity to customize the renovation to fit their taste. Once our renovation team is done, we will have turned a great property into a stunning home for you with the latest conveniences and exceptional design. Click below to see some examples of newly renovated homes that are currently available. But keep in mind, we have many more that are not yet ready to show, that you can have a first look at.

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The number one thing that stops a home purchase is the sale of the buyer’s current home. With contingency agreements being a thing of the past, this can really put the buyer in a tough position. This is why we developed our “Trade-in your Home” program. If you want to buy one of our renovated homes, we’ll buy your home from you! It’s that simple.

Trade In Your Home


We are a full-service real estate investment company with a full-time team who are available to work on your schedule.

At CR of Maryland our investment team has more than 30 years experience in helping clients buy, sell, trade-in and invest in homes. We have personally bought and sold 100s of homes each in a market where the average person sells a about 6 per year. We believe that our huge success is a direct result of our core values which include excellence, responsiveness, professionalism, honesty and transparency. We hire every team member to these core values. Our professionals have the resources and expertise to meet all your real estate meets, and the flexibility to work around your schedule.



When we help you buy a home our goal is to find you the right home, in the right location at the right price. As the top home renovation company in the Baltimore area, often the right home is a newly renovated CR of Maryland home. Unlike most “house flippers”, we don’t just give a home a “new coat of paint”, only fixing the obvious cosmetic issues. We inspect a home from top to bottom including the roof, the siding, the electrical, HVAC, mechanicals, plumbing, appliances and more, and address all aspects that require improvement. Then we go to work on the look of the home introducing the latest styles, materials and technologies where needed. After more than 2,000 renovations, we have this down to a science with construction processes and quality control procedures in place that result in a stunning and reliable renovated home. And because our our volume and buying power, we are able to attract the best homes in the best neighborhoods. What this means for our buyer clients is that you get first choice of beautiful renovated homes in great locations, with quality design and workmanship you can trust. Click the button below to see our gallery of recently renovated and sold homes to get a sense of our design and quality.



At CR of Maryland we partner with only the best in the business to ensure our buyers have a hassle-free experience.

We have spent years working with a wide range of lenders, title companies, home inspectors and more. Over our decades of experience we have built strong relationships with the very best in each aspect of buying a home. We have developed processes with these vendors that allow us to take care of all the details and help ensure a smooth buying experience for our clients.


“Quality of Work is Amazing!We bought a house in Fall of 2016 that CR of Maryland rehabbed in Forest Hill, MD! The house is beautiful and the quality of work and finishes are amazing. I would highly recommend buying from them! We love the house!”

Josh H

We could not have asked for a better experience. We know first hand how stressful it can be when selling and purchasing a home. CR of Maryland took all the stress out of the process and delivered a quality experience with total transparency, superior customer service, and in the end customer satisfaction through a beautiful new home.”

Joe McGinley

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about the CR team! I’ve had the privilege of working with them on multiple transactions, and every experience exceeds my expectations. Their homes set the standard for renovated properties in our market, and their service level is exceptional.”

Kim Lally Holmes, REALTOR


The resources, experience and professionalism to meet all your real estate needs.