CR of Maryland Rescues Dog

a dog is sitting in front of a christmas tree

At CR of Maryland, we don’t just live for helping the people of Baltimore, we go above and beyond to help the pets of Baltimore as well.

Here is a sad story about one of the pets we’ve encountered. Don’t worry, it has a happy ending! We bought a house to renovate in Baltimore. Often these properties require attention either structurally or aesthetically, and the owners are usually selling because they’ve found themselves in a difficult situation. Unbeknownst to us, this particular house included a furry friend. The previous owner left a heartbreaking note on the door that read, “Can you please find a good home for my dog? He is in the house, and he won’t bite. He is 17 years old.”

More than likely the seller did not have the means to care for the dog anymore and thought that it would be best to leave him with us. Fortunately, the team at CR of Maryland knew what to do! Thanks to the quick-thinking of Calvin, our Project Manager Calvin, and Alexander, our Director of Sales dog (who we nicknamed “Q”) was brought to safety at the BARCS animal shelter.

Here is a first-person account of the discovery, and rescue:

“Our project manager Calvin knew we had to help this abandoned good boy, so he took him out to go potty and then gave him some treats for comfort. In the meantime, I posted in our realtor group for help.

We are passionate about helping peoples’ lives in our community. We also pride ourselves on the merit of those in the industry that we work with!

Without hesitation, the amazing Jamie Walker volunteered to come pick him up and get him over to BARCS Animal Shelter, who welcomed him to a warm bed. Q seems to have loved his time with Jamie, and hopefully will be living out his final days with nothing but love and comfort! Big thanks to Calvin, Jamie, and the good people at BARCS. Thank YOU for helping this sweet dog.”

Before the holiday season was over, Q was adopted into a loving home! We even heard back from his new family who told us how Q’s first Christmas went:

“Just wanted to send a few cute pics of Q at his first Christmas with us. He had a Christmas breakfast of Nature’s Balance Duck wet food covered in dog beer. Ha he loved it. He’s happy go lucky and runs me around on walks! So much pep in this guy’s step. Our resident dogs are taking to him. Our other pit is BFFs with him already.” 

It’s these kinds of stories that make our jobs so great! We love having the opportunity to touch so many lives. We wish Q, and his new family all the best, and we couldn’t have asked for a better ending.