Five Benefits of Investing in Turnkey Properties in Baltimore, MD

Investing in real estate can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and generate consistent income. However, managing properties effectively requires substantial time, effort, and expertise. That’s where turnkey properties play a huge role, and investing in a turnkey property is a wise choice, providing you with a hassle-free real estate investment experience.

Why Should You Invest in Turnkey Properties?

Hands-Off Real Estate Investment 

The hands-off real estate approach is one of the most appealing aspects of turnkey properties. When you buy a property from us, CR of Maryland takes care of the day-to-day duties. Investors can rely on us to handle the needs of the property. From finding and screening tenants to handling maintenance and repairs, we have a dedicated team that ensures the smooth operation of your investment.

Quality Properties

CR of Maryland’s turnkey properties have complete renovations, setting us apart from other turnkey property companies. We offer high-quality properties equipped with new appliances, HVAC systems, roofs, and more. Investors won’t have to worry about being stuck with having to replace a roof or washing machine after they’ve purchased the property. Choosing a turnkey property from CR of Maryland eliminates the risk of unexpected maintenance issues or costly repairs that can reduce investors’ profits.

Money Making Potential

Turnkey properties provide significant potential for financial freedom with the promise of passive income, cash flow, and appreciation. CR of Maryland carefully researches and selects areas with strong rental demand and growth potential, allowing you to enjoy consistent monthly cash flow from rental income. Our turnkey properties add, on average, at least $500 cash a month to your pocket. You can benefit from long-term appreciation as the value of the property and the surrounding area increases.

Choose a Location like Baltimore 

When investing in turnkey properties, location is crucial to your real estate investment. Baltimore is positioned as an excellent real estate market for investors with its economic growth across industry sectors, increasing job opportunities, infrastructure development, and government initiatives. The Biden administration chose Baltimore as a work hub positioning it for significant infrastructure development like the Amtrak station revamps, improving Baltimore City’s prospects for economic growth, and adding potential value to properties.

Experienced Team 

When considering a turnkey property investment, partnering with a company with a proven track record and experience in renovations and property management is essential. CR of Maryland’s staff has years of expertise and knowledge in selecting, renovating, and managing properties.

Investing in a turnkey property offers a convenient and hassle-free approach to real estate investment. By investing in a turnkey property with CR of Maryland, you can enjoy the benefits of a quality, hands-off investment that promises a strong cash flow and appreciation potential. When you invest with CR of Maryland, you can trust that you will grow your wealth and diversify your portfolio. Join our VIP List and learn how to become a Turnkey Real Estate Investor!

Alexander Cruz


Alexander, a Baltimore native, began his real estate career in 2011 following his graduation from West Virginia University. Often referred to as Xander, he developed a keen interest in real estate investing. He played a pivotal role in the foundational growth of CR of Maryland, positioning it as a leading Residential Investment Company in Baltimore. Presently, CR is a company of 35+ employees. The company manages a portfolio exceeding 500 rental properties and has acquired and renovated over 1,400 properties since inception. As a partner, Xander assumes responsibility for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations. Outside of work, he proudly...Read More