Homebuyer’s Closing Day Checklist

The last step to buying a house is a closing meeting when you and your real estate agent finalize the purchase. The meeting often takes place in a real estate office where you and the seller will review and sign all legal documents. As the buyer, this is when you will receive the keys to your new house. There’s a lot to do before you get your keys. Here’s a general checklist for what to expect.

After Contract Signed by All Parties:

  • Wire earnest money to escrow agent
  • Send copy of contract to the lender to begin financing
  • Contact Title Company and submit any additional information
  • Order Inspections for property
  • Review Inspection report with agent
  • Make inspection repairs requests, if applicable
  • Release inspection contingency, if applicable
  • Ensure Lender has ordered Appraisal
  • Obtain Homeowners Insurance Quotes
  • Obtain Flood Insurance Quotes If Applicable
  • Check in on loan approval process, confirm loan approval by deadline per
  • Ensure Survey Ordered

Day before Closing:

  • Complete Final Walk Through, ensure repairs complete if applicable
  • Switch over utilities to your name
  • Confirm closing date and time with title company
  • Confirm Wire Amount for balance with title company

Closing Day:

  • Confirm movers
  • Wire balance to title and attend closing
  • Move In!