Homebuyer’s Final Walkthrough Checklist

Homebuyers Last Walkthrough Check List

When you purchase a home, buyers have the option to do a final walk through the house before going to the closing meeting. The purpose of the final walkthrough is to ensure that the condition of the house is the same as when you last saw it and to confirm that any repairs you requested were completed as outlined in the purchase agreements. If you are a first-time homebuyer, here is a final walkthrough checklist.

What to Bring With You

  • Copy of the Contract and Inspection summary
  • Copy of Agreed Repair List
  • Camera

What to Look For

  • Confirm all agreed upon repairs are complete and copies of receipts have been provided, if applicable. Document this with photos.
  • Ensure all items that convey have been left on the premises and not removed.
  • Walk all rooms and check for any signs of new issues (ie: water intrusion, roof leak, broken appliances, etc.)
  • Test A/C and Heat System
  • Test faucets for hot/ cold water
  • Test toilets as operable o Test garage door opener
  • Test lighting and outlets
  • Ensure appliances in working order
  • Ensure all personal belongings have been removed by seller and the home has been left free of debris
  • Once walk through complete, if satisfactory, sign Final Walk Through Form.