Renter’s Annual Preventative Maintenance Checklist

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For renters and homeowners, it’s that time of year to revisit the annual preventative maintenance checklist.

  1. Replace your furnace’s filter. A dirty filter impedes air flow, and reduce efficiency.
  2. Clear your yard of yard waste and trash. Be sure to dispose of it in the proper receptacles.
  3. Clear exterior drains of debris. This is important because it can cause backup or flooding that can damage the property and CR residents are would be responsible for that property damage.
  4. Prepare for winter snow. Find or purchase a shovel and sidewalk salt. Baltimore City does provide sidewalk salt that can be found in the yellow Salt Boxes around your neighborhood, but you might not have have a salt box nearby, or at least close enough to easily get to in the snow.
  5. Fire safety.
    • Test all smoke alarms and CO2 detectors to ensure functionality.
    • Replace all batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 detectors.
  6. Reminder:
    Do not put any of the following items down any drains, including the toilet: diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons, paper towels, newspaper, children’s toys, matches, Q-tips, hair, grease, oil, table scraps, clothing, rags, sand, or dirt. These items will block and damage drains.