CR of Maryland’s Turnkey Real Estate Investors Make A Difference

When you invest with CR of Maryland Turnkey you are taking a step toward your financial goals. Plus, your investment makes a difference. With your investment into CR Turnkey you will directly and indirectly positively impact and improve the lives of families and communities in the Baltimore region.

30 Million Dollars Invested in Baltimore affordable housing

CR of Maryland’s real estate network has invested over $30 million dollars in growing the availability of affordable housing in Baltimore City. By the end of 2021, CR of Maryland’s turnkey investors are on track to transform a record of over 500 vacant properties into modern, affordable homes for families. Join us in improving neighborhoods, and providing healthy homes for families in Baltimore. Learn more about CR of Maryland’s community impact »

Invest in making Baltimore a better place. Sign up for CR’s Turnkey VIP list and start putting your money where your heart is.

Whether you’re already a real estate investor or just learning how to earn passive income in turnkey real estate investing, CR can help you diversify your portfolio with real estate investments that help communities. Make your investments matter. Fill out this form to sign up. Questions? Call CR at (410) 560-2763.

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