2002 Ellsworth St. Baltimore, MD 21213

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Address: 2002 Ellsworth St. Baltimore, MD 21213

Property Type
Monthly Cash Flow
$ 437

Located on the Eastern side of town with easy access to I-95 and to downtown, and close proximity to the Johns Hopkins Hospital, this neighborhood is an ideal location for workers that commute to the airport, warehouse areas, port of Baltimore or directly downtown. The area has been undergoing significant redevelopment over the past couple years and is a hot spot for investor rehab activity. There has been significant renovation activity in the area over the past several years. This has led to an influx of young buyers in the neighborhood, well fed by the proximity to Hopkins.  We are actively renovating properties in this area, and we have several other properties under management nearby.

$437 monthly cash flow after all expenses, after vacancy/maintenance

Resale comps in neighborhood $230,000

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