Investing in Turnkey Real Estate

If you want to build wealth, consider investing in turnkey real estate with CR of Maryland. The market can be tricky to navigate, but there are many advantages to turnkey investments to create wealth through passive income. CR of Maryland is one of the largest real estate investment companies in the northeast, offering full-service turnkey properties that provide investors with stable, consistent passive income. 

How it Works

As an investor, there are various options to create wealth, including real estate. Turnkey investments are appealing because they are ready to rent out as soon as they are purchased, the idea being that a new owner can “turn the key” and rent the property out without making any significant repairs or improvements. Our reliable process is the following:

  • Purchase the best properties available
  • Renovate the property to the highest standards
  • Find quality tenants so that you can quickly acquire a cash-flowing investment property
  • Handle all aspects of property management

Invest in Baltimore, MD Real Estate 

CR of Maryland specializes in the Baltimore real estate market and identifies neighborhoods and areas with growth and potential. Baltimore, MD, is an ideal location to invest in turnkey real estate, with its economic development fueled by its proximity to major cities and federal investments. With a thriving rental market supported by affordable housing and many educational institutions, it’s a hotspot for investors. The city’s diverse neighborhoods, cultural richness, and urban life, marked by sports and arts, add to its appeal. CR of Maryland excels in offering renovated, managed properties, making Baltimore an ideal destination for lucrative, hassle-free real estate investments.

Why Choose CR of MD?

One of the benefits of working with CR of Maryland is that you can have confidence in your investment knowing that we make high-quality renovations, reducing the risks of hidden costs that investors typically face with investment properties. We specialize in high-quality renovations so the homes are fully upgraded with new features like appliances and roofs. You can start renting immediately without worrying about replacing kitchen appliances, water heaters, and windows. 

As a premier real estate investment partner, our company provides full-service turnkey property renovation and rental management with the highest ROI in the industry. Our exceptionally high standards for the properties we sell deliver instant cash flow, with potential appreciation and rental demand. Learn more about making passive income by contacting CR of Maryland today. 

Alexander Cruz


Alexander, a Baltimore native, began his real estate career in 2011 following his graduation from West Virginia University. Often referred to as Xander, he developed a keen interest in real estate investing. He played a pivotal role in the foundational growth of CR of Maryland, positioning it as a leading Residential Investment Company in Baltimore. Presently, CR is a company of 35+ employees. The company manages a portfolio exceeding 500 rental properties and has acquired and renovated over 1,400 properties since inception. As a partner, Xander assumes responsibility for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations. Outside of work, he proudly...Read More