Turnkey Property – Baltimore

What’s up everybody? 00:27 Mike Black here with CR Maryland. Today I am waiting on an appraiser to appraise this property, meeting him here in the next few minutes. We are on Chase Street, 00:38 which is in zip code 21213. We have this property just completed a couple weeks ago now. Have it under contract, ready to sell, 00:49 ready for a new owner, ready to get a tenant in here, and ready for the new owner to start cash flowing on this property. Ryan is our project manager. Has everything nice and buttoned up in here. 01:00 Everything looks great. All the way down to the little finishing touches. They did a great job here. So Ryan and his team, big shout out to you guys. And we’re gonna do a quick little tour in here. 01:12 So you can guys can see, you know, what it looks like. See you guys soon. Our Chase Street steps here. 01:32 The signature blue door, heading in to the right. You walk straight into the steps to the two bed household. 01:48 This way here, luxury vinyl plank flooring. Nice open concept here. 02:00 Here is the half bath. So this is a two bed, one and a half bath home. Brand new, 02:12 everything looks great. As I said before, this was done by our project manager and his team, Ryan. They did an amazing job down to the little nitty gritty They think it’s on this side here. 02:36 Squeeze through. We just last finishing touches. We just got to get some outlet covers, but that’s all right. We’ll get them done. Walking through now. 02:47 We’ll head to the basement. These basements are generally unfinished in Baltimore due to the ceiling heights. This is one in particular that is unfinished, 03:00 but everything down here is brand new. So we paint the floor, paint the sides, everything. HVAC system, brand new water heater around the corner. 03:12 There it is. Brand new washer and dryer in every unit. New electric panel. Let’s check this out. Very nice work. 03:33 Left -handed. There we go. Down left -handed. Alrighty. Let’s head back to the upstairs so you can see the two bedrooms and I will meet you up there. 03:45 Here we are around the corner to go back to the upstairs. Here we are. Straight away you’re going to see the full bath. 04:00 Two bed, one and a half bath. I’m loving the tile there, that looks great. The toilet vanity and mirror. Heading into bedroom one. Here we go. 04:12 This is the smaller of the two. Big enough for a double -sized bed, maybe a queen. Hard to get the little perception here. Heading into the master bedroom. 04:27 Plenty big enough for a king. And looping around here is the closet on that one. 04:40 And here we are. Great job by Ryan and the team. Heading back downstairs. And that is that.