Wealth-Building Insights from CR of Maryland’s Event

CR of Maryland and Lakeside Title Company recently co-hosted their third Fast FWD event, focusing on wealth-building insights from industry experts. The event featured speakers Aaron Chapman (pictured middle) and Gary Pinkerton (pictured right), who shared their finance expertise and knowledge on real estate investments.

The Fast FWD events are all about providing an opportunity for realtors, investors, and wholesalers to scale up through partnerships while emphasizing wealth creation through real estate investments. The CR of Maryland team works closely with Aaron Chapman’s team and has benefited from listening to him speak, they thought it only fitting he speak at the last event this year.

Aaron Chapman was the event’s first speaker, bringing a wealth of knowledge as one of the top loan producers in the country among 1.1 million. Chapman owns an extensive real estate portfolio, processes over 100 investor loan applications monthly, and managed over 900 transactions during challenging market conditions last year.

Real Estate Investor and Wealth Strategist Gary Pinkerton spoke after Chapman, sharing invaluable insights like his Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) which uses life insurance cash value instead of traditional bank accounts.

Navigating the Dynamic Real Estate Market

Chapman emphasized the need to take a unique approach in a tough market, stating that “good judgment comes from experience” and “experience comes from bad judgment.” He encouraged investors to closely examine economic metrics and inflation indicators, stressing that common measurements like the Consumer Price Index assign varying values to the items they assess.

Looking at the current market, he noted that interest rates stood at approximately 7.8% for owner-occupied properties and around the 8% mark for non-owner occupied properties. He encouraged investors to look at the history of the economy and referenced the 1990s when rates dropped to around 6.8%. On top of historical data, Chapman urged investors to achieve their goals by using the tools available to them. This includes his QJO investment app, and others, to check mortgage amortization, determine asset reserves, and preview cash flow.

Following Chapman, Gary Pinkerton spoke regarding his Infinite Banking Concept (IBC). Pinkerton’s recommendations were clear: realtors should consider owning real estate, investing in land and properties for appreciation and cash flow, and allocating money to tangible real assets. He also delved into the concept of infinite banking, highlighting how real wealth is grown and preserved in today’s world.

Pinkerton drew a fascinating parallel to the Rockefellers, who safeguard their family’s wealth through trusts and high-quality life insurance policies. The strategy involves storing cash and using it as loans borrowed against their banking systems, illustrating the concept of down payment earning. Real estate investors gain control over their finances and explore different avenues for wealth storage and borrowing, such as ROBS (Rollovers for Business Start-ups) and using Roth IRAs to sell shares. Diversifying assets into real estate, life insurance policies, oil and gas, and private equity were essential in his wealth-building approach. With a focus on taxes, liquidity, and clearly defined goals, Gary Pinkerton aimed to educate investors on effectively navigating the dynamic market landscape.

Thank you to Aaron Chapman and Gary Pinkerton for sharing your key knowledge including, the importance of realtors becoming real estate owners, the value of investing in land and properties for appreciation and cash flow, and the wisdom of putting money into tangible real assets for long-term financial growth.

Stay tuned with CR of Maryland to attend future Fast FWD events with more great real estate tips!

Alexander Cruz


Alexander, a Baltimore native, began his real estate career in 2011 following his graduation from West Virginia University. Often referred to as Xander, he developed a keen interest in real estate investing. He played a pivotal role in the foundational growth of CR of Maryland, positioning it as a leading Residential Investment Company in Baltimore. Presently, CR is a company of 35+ employees. The company manages a portfolio exceeding 500 rental properties and has acquired and renovated over 1,400 properties since inception. As a partner, Xander assumes responsibility for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations. Outside of work, he proudly...Read More