Why Renovation Standards Matter for Turnkey Properties

One of the things that investors can count on with CR of Maryland is our commitment to renovation standards for turnkey properties. We pride ourselves on offering completely renovated investment properties in Baltimore, Maryland. Partnering with CR of Maryland is a wise investment choice because you can trust that your turnkey investment property received the highest standard of renovations and improvements.

CR of Maryland’s Renovation Standards are Unmatched

As experts in remodeling, we know that the long-term efforts made from quality renovations to our properties will add value and security for investors. The last thing investors want to find when ready to start generating rental income is that their property needs serious replacements, such as water heaters, air conditioning units, roofs, washers, and dryers.

Many of the Baltimore City properties are from the early to mid-20th century and are structurally sound rowhomes. The strong foundations of these Baltimore properties allow us to put effort into renovating the interior and to take the extra steps to replace it. We take additional steps to replace what’s necessary, such as new roofs and appliances. 

CR of Maryland offers a large inventory of high-quality turnkey properties with new appliances, HVAC systems, and roofs. Investors won’t have to worry about being stuck with replacing a roof or washing machine after they’ve purchased the property. We take the time to consider the hidden maintenance and repair costs, so you don’t have to. Choosing a CR of Maryland turnkey property eliminates the risk of unexpected maintenance issues or costly repairs that can reduce investors’ profits.

Investing in a turnkey property offers a convenient and hassle-free approach to real estate investment. When you invest in a turnkey property with CR of Maryland, you can trust the quality of your investment and know that you can enjoy the benefits of a quality, hands-off investment that promises a strong cash flow and appreciation potential. Join our VIP List and learn how to become a Turnkey Real Estate Investor today!


Alexander Cruz


Alexander, a Baltimore native, began his real estate career in 2011 following his graduation from West Virginia University. Often referred to as Xander, he developed a keen interest in real estate investing. He played a pivotal role in the foundational growth of CR of Maryland, positioning it as a leading Residential Investment Company in Baltimore. Presently, CR is a company of 35+ employees. The company manages a portfolio exceeding 500 rental properties and has acquired and renovated over 1,400 properties since inception. As a partner, Xander assumes responsibility for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations. Outside of work, he proudly...Read More